Image Sensors Americas & Auto Americas Online

Date: December 2, 2020
Time: Forza Silicon’s presentation will be at 1:45pm ET.
Forza’s Presentation: Architectural Choices for Near-IR and SWIR 3-D Image Sensors

Image Sensors Americas has been hailed as one of the best conferences in terms of material, structure, and networking. IS Americas brings high caliber discussions around future trends in sensor applications, new technologies, current sensor challenges, and industry demands.

This program features the foremost experts in the image sensors community, covers a wide range of end uses, with focus on image sensor camera technology, and details technical developments all across the image sensors supply chain, from end users to camera component, sensor producers, chip suppliers, and technology developers.

Forza Silicon’s President Emeritus, Barmak Mansoorian, will present a paper titled “Architectural Choices for Near-IR and SWIR 3-D Image Sensors.”

The presentation will discuss how the architectural choices for the design of 3-D image sensors in the visible and near-infrared (<1.1um) are different than those for short-wave Infrared imagers (<1.5um). These differences are caused by the available detector choices – typically Silicon for near-IR, and InGasAs or Ge for short-wave IR – which translate into different choices for readout designs. Additionally, the wavelength region between 900-1100nm can be well-served by either technology – with different specification tradeoffs. Forza’s talk will use several design examples to demonstrate and highlight these differences.

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