DSS 2014: Forza makes waves with near-200 megapixel camera

May 15, 2014Combination of wide-angle views and ultra-high resolution could be used in ocean searches Searches of vast areas of ocean like that for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 may benefit from Forza Silicon’s newest camera system, the 100+ MP CAM Platform, in the future. Read more

RedShark News: 8K is so last month. How about 19K?

April, 25, 2014 – Fancy a video camera with 200 Megapixels? Just a quick, breathless note to say that if you’re already indifferent to the so-so resolution of 8K video, how does 19K sound?  Read more

So You Think 4K and 8K Look Good? Behold This 18K Camera Platform

April 24, 2014 – 4K was all the rage at NAB, but that’s hardly the ceiling for resolution, even in the near future. Even at NAB, you could see 8K acquisition in the Astrodesign and NHK booths, and you may have been wondering, then, how far resolution can really be pushed. Read more

Forza Silicon Introduces Advanced CMOS Modular Video Camera Platform System – 100+ Megapixels at 60 fps

April 23, 2014 – Pasadena, CA – Forza Silicon (www.forzasilicon.com), a leader of advanced image sensor ­­and mixed-signal IC designs for digital camera applications, introduces the unprecedented Forza 100+ MP CAM Platform featuring a customizable CMOS image sensor operating at 60 frames per second (fps) and supporting multiple camera resolutions­. Read more

High-Speed Image Sensors for Sports Analysis

One of the many specialized uses for high-speed video, or what is often called slow-motion video, is for the analysis of athlete performance. Today’s amateurs and professionals are always seeking the edge over their competitors, so finding and correcting any shortcomings in performance is a high priority. Read more

Medical Endoscopy Using CMOS Image Sensors

Endoscopy is a medical procedure in which the physician looks inside a patient’s body using an instrument called an endoscope. The technique has been around for more than a century, and is aimed at reaching places in the body where otherwise dangerous major surgery would be required. Read more

Ultra-High Resolution CMOS Focal Plane Arrays for ISR Cameras

A fundamental requirement for all military organizations is Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, or ISR. Many capabilities are included in ISR, although the most important ISR tool historically has been high-resolution imagery of the military facilities of potential adversaries. Read more

Integrated Programmable MEMS Controller

  • 10-bit DAC
  • Ultra-low-noise preamp.
  • Digital FIR shaping filter
  • Integrated current sense resistor
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Multi-Function IC for Magnetic Compass

Multi-Function IC for Magnetic Compass
  • 3-axis oscillator
  • 12-bit current DAC: digital controls for magnetic compass
  • 8-bit voltage DAC: high-voltage drivers for mirror control
  • Integrated 3.3 V linear regulator
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  • Quad, 10-bit 80 MSPS current DACs
  • High-speed, low-impedance analog mux
  • Vernier DLL with 50-psec resolution
  • 2.5 V supply
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