Webinar: CMOS Image Sensors Signal Interfaces & Lessons Learned From System Prototyping

CMOS image sensors are used for a host of application ranging from the automotive industry, the medical industry and cinematography to name just a few. As time progresses, cutting edge CMOS image sensors are carrying higher resolution specifications bundled with high frames rates which inherently carry with them high bandwidth requirements. Read more

CMOS Image Sensor Verification Challenges for Safety Critical Applications

CMOS image sensors are sensitive to noise and layout effects due to their array based pixel architecture which makes it challenging to meet performance specifications. In this video, Forza Silicon’s CAD Manager, Kevin Johnson, addresses these challenges by adopting Mentor’s Mixed-Signal Verification Platform. Read more

Pixel Size and Resolution: Forza Silicon Image Sensor Design

Pixel size is one of the biggest considerations for image sensor design. This video discusses reticle size, resolution and the challenges of small and large pixels. Forza Silicon works with our customers in creating the specifications to optimize pixel size. Read more

Foundry Selection: Forza Silicon Image Sensor Design

Forza Silicon’s President & Co-Founder, Barmak Mansoorian, discusses the technical and business criterion for selecting a foundry partner in the image sensor industry. Read more

Forza Silicon Reconfigurable Image Sensor Technology Platform

Forza Silicon’s Reconfigurable Image Sensor is a single compact device merging an imaging array with a customizable analog/digital processor. The video discusses the features of the fully reconfigurable image sensor design which provides a flexible platform to connect smart sensors to the Internet and enable a variety of “Internet of Things” (IoT) product applications. Read more

Forza Silicon’s Interview with Photonics Online at SPIE DSS 2014

Forza Silicon’s 100+ MP CAM Platform System is an advanced CMOS image sensor modular camera reference design. Forza Silicon President, Barmak Mansoorian, met with Photonics Online at SPIE DSS to discuss some of the camera’s features/specifications and to show some images captured demonstrating its impressive digital zoom capabilities. Read more