CMOS Image Sensor Solutions

Unique imaging solutions for highly specialized commercial and consumer products

Discover why Forza CMOS image sensor (CIS) solutions are the choice of leading developers in the rapidly growing and evolving world of digital imaging. We are the combination of unique engineering design, constant innovation and custom CMOS image sensor expertise. Customers come to us to make their most innovative product ideas a reality.

Forza offers custom image sensor solutions for applications such as medical devices, broadcast cameras, machine vision, automotive cameras, handheld consumer electronics and ISR for DoD solutions. Our sensors are designed specifically to meet customer application requirements.

Benefit from exceptional design

Constant innovation and a strong patent portfolio enable us to deliver a competitive advantage to customers in every image-capture market. Key features of Forza custom CIS solutions include:

  • High frame rates with low power consumption
  • Proprietary low-noise readout and advanced pixel architectures
  • Ultra-small pixels and ultra-high resolutions

Custom CIS Designs at a Glance (partial list)

133 MP High-Definition CMOS Image Sensor

Forza Silicon_133Mpixel 60fps CMOS Image Sensor Die

  • 133 MP; Super-Hi Vision
  • 2.45 µm square pixels; 60 frames per second
  • On-chip, column-parallel ADCs
  • Programmable pre-ADC gain
  • LVDS digital output
  • 41.6 mm x 32.6 mm w/pads

High Dynamic Range (HDR) CMOS Image Sensor

High Dynamic Image Sensor

  • 10.8 µm square pixels
  • 100+ dB dynamic range; 30 to 60 frames per second
  • On-chip, column parallel 12-bit ADCs; on-chip ADC timing with calibration
  • Programmable pre-ADC gain
  • 2564 H x 1284 V; 30.2 mm x 24.45 mm physical size
  • Fixed pattern noise < 300 µV RMS

Gesture Recognition CMOS Image Sensor

Gesture Recognition Sensor

  • 680 x 480 pixels
  • 600 fps frame rate; 1200 fps with 2 x 2 binning
  • Global shutter pixel
  • On-chip references; Frame timer/digital control
  • 4 lane MIPI at 390 MHz; < 320 mW power consumption
  • ~5 mm x 5 mm physical size
  • 0.18 µm, FSI process

8K Ultra-HDTV CMOS Image Sensor

14MP CMOS Image Sensor_Forza Silicon

  • 7840 x 4360 (32 MP); Ultra-HDTV
  • 3.8 µm 4T pixel; 60 frames per second
  • On-chip, column-parallel ADCs
  • 32.5 mm x 25.5 mm
  • Programmable pre-ADC gain; LVDS digital output



See our complete design portfolio for more examples of our custom design capability.

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