Integrated Production Services

Forza Silicon Design and Integrated Production Services Business Model

Design Services

Architecture Study
  • Forza will leverage decades of design expertise to make sound, informed architecture choices to ensure your project is a success
Technology Selection and Specification Development
  • Forza has established partnerships with a range of world class foundries that will be utilized in the technology selection phase
  • Forza is an approved design center for TowerJazz and IBM
  • The specification will guide the design phase
Circuit Design and Layout
  • Forza takes pride in working closely with our customers which is evident throughout the design phase of a project
  • Forza has a well-defined design process which emphasizes delivering high quality design reviews
  • We have access and the know-how to apply advance simulation tools to identify and solve problems before tapeout
Parasitic Extraction and Verification
  • Image Sensor designs tend to be very sensitive to subtle, real-world, second order effects that can be caused by layout-induced parasitic capacitances and resistances
  • Forza uses cutting-edge parasitic extraction and simulation tools to ensure design quality and identify issues before tapeout
Tapeout to Foundry
  • The Forza design and verification processes uses the state-of-the-art CAD tools to ensure design quality

Production Services

Prototype Development
  • Package selection and partners for package design
  • In-house PCB and test system design services
  • Choice of existing test/characterization system re-use or specification and design of new test system
Wafer Probe Development
  • Class 100 clean room with 12″ fully automated wafer prober with flexible optical fixture configuration; custom design of probe test program / vectors with optical stimulus available
  • The Forza Product Engineering Team is on-call for a wide array of Qualification services, including ESD/LU, HTOL, Shock & Vibe, and testing to other JEDEC standards to ensure a high quality, reliable production design
Yield Optimization
  • Forza has significant experience taking a design from the lab to production
  • Forza will leverage wafer probe development and direct access to Forza Design Engineers to aid in the Integrated Production Services phase of product development
  • Detailed knowledge of the design is often the key to making tangible yield improvements and Forza will bring this to bear on your design
  • Forza will also take advantage of its foundry relationships to improve yield and design quality in production for our customers
Production Test and Delivery
  • Forza has extensive experience transitioning prototype wafer probe & laboratory test programs and equipment to a production-worthy set of test protocols resulting in final product delivery
  • The Forza Production Team is on-call for your production test needs