Senior Member of Technical Staff

RequiredMaster’s degree in Electrical Engineering, and 36 months employment experience in mixed-signal sensor design. Alternate requirements: The employer will accept a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering in lieu of the primary requirements.  Special Requirements: The candidate is also required to have demonstrated knowledge of:

  1. Mixed-signal sensor design
  2. Circuit Design for low-power applications
  3. Design software: Cadence, Virtuoso, Spectre, Caliber, Spice, and PCB design software
  4. Chip tape-out experience and chip bring-up

Employer will accept demonstrated knowledge requirements gained through employment experience and/or completed coursework relevant to an academic degree.

Duties: The complex duties of Sr. Member of Technical Staff involve participation and contribution to Chip design projects to include analog and digital custom low-power integrated circuit design and layout of mixed-signal systems and ASIC design for image sensors utilizing the following tools:

  • Cadence,
  • Virtuoso,
  • Spectre,
  • Caliber,
  • Spice, and
  • PCB design software

Specific electronics engineering duties include:

  • Develop data link with minimal wire count, capable of transmitting high-speed serial data, low-speed bi-directional command signals, as well as different power supplies, all while maintaining signal integrity;
  • Prototyping system using filters to decompose signals at different frequencies at the PCB level; and
  • ASIC design for a high-speed transmitter and receiver.

Contact: Forza Silicon Corporation 2947 Bradley Street, Suite 130, Pasadena, CA 91107. Interested parties contact Mr. Mel Stinebaugh, Executive VP at or call 626.796.1182.