Trademark Usage Guidelines



Company Name. “Forza Silicon” functions not only as a trademark and service mark identifying goods and services offered by Forza Silicon Corporation, but also as a trade name or company name referring to Forza Silicon Corporation. When used as a trade name, “Forza Silicon” should not be followed by a trademark symbol (® or ). Within documents, the first reference to the trade or company name should be “Forza Silicon.” “Forza” can be used for subsequent references.

First Use in Text. It is necessary that you include the appropriate trademark symbol, whether ® or , with the associated mark only in the first prominent mention on a piece of marketing collateral, including introductory paragraphs, as well as in the first mention in text copy (but not including headlines, headings, or paragraph titles).

Use Forza Trademarks As Adjectives. Trademarks are adjectives and should be followed by the generic term they modify, such as “technology” or “product”. Never use a trademark as a noun, a verb, or in the possessive form.

Trademark Paragraph. The following standard verbiage should be used in all materials referencing Forza Trademarks. It can be modified to include only those Forza Trademarks being used on the website.

“Forza Silicon and the Forza Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Forza Silicon Corporation.”


Do Not Use Forza Logos Without Permission. You may not use any Forza logo unless you have an agreement with or express written consent from Forza authorizing such use. 

Do Not Use Forza Trademarks In False Or Misleading Advertising. Advertising for Forza or its products or services offered under the Forza Trademarks must not be false or misleading in any way and must not be in violation of any applicable law, municipal ordinance, or administrative agency regulation of any country.

Do Not Use Forza Trademarks In Objectionable Material. You may not use Forza Trademarks on or in connection with, in Forza’s sole discretion, any defamatory, scandalous, pornographic, or other objectionable materials of any sort.

Do Not Use Forza Trademarks To Disparage Forza. You may not use Forza Trademarks to disparage Forza, its products or services, or in a manner that, in Forza’s judgment, may diminish or otherwise damage the reputation of Forza or the goodwill in the Forza Trademarks.


Use Forza Trademarks To Refer To Forza’s Products Or Services. With the exception of Forza logos (the use of which must be expressly authorized by Forza), you generally may use Forza Trademarks to refer to Forza’s products or services in product webpages, publications, promotional collateral and data sheets, provided that you have the necessary authority to promote Forza’s products or services.

Properly Identify Forza Trademarks. Use the ® to indicate Forza’s registered trademarks and the  to indicate our claimed trademarks. Please make the trademark symbol a superscript (® or ), when technically feasible, large enough to be clearly legible without benefit of magnification, and position it immediately after the trademark to which it applies.

Trademark        Designation
Forza Silicon           ®


You may not use any Forza logo unless you have an agreement with or express written consent from Forza authorizing such use. In the event that you are authorized to use a Forza logo, the use must comply with these additional guidelines.

Use Only The Approved Master Artwork. The Forza logos are single, standalone pieces of artwork. When reproducing the logos, use only the master artwork provided by Forza. Do not alter or distort the appearance of the logo in anyway, for example, by adding your own design elements or colors or changing the font. The logo must always look sharp, clean, and well produced.

Allow A Minimum Clear Space Around The Forza Logo. Always allow for a minimum clear space around the Forza logo. Never violate the clear space with any graphic elements, words or charts.

Maintain Legibility. Never reproduce the logo in a manner that causes the logo to become illegible or blurry, which may happen if the logo is reproduced too small.


If your company is planning to issue a Forza technology-related press release, please contact Annie Suede, Marketing Manager at Email Form.

Any use of Forza Trademarks or logos in marketing collateral should be accompanied by the appropriate trademark paragraph as described in the Rules For Proper Usage Of Forza Trademarks section of this document.


In the event you see or become aware of any unauthorized or improper use of Forza’s trademarks, or if you want additional trademark information, please contact us at Email Form.