Webinar: CMOS Image Sensors Signal Interfaces & Lessons Learned From System Prototyping

CMOS image sensors are used for a host of application ranging from the automotive industry, the medical industry and cinematography to name just a few. As time progresses, cutting edge CMOS image sensors are carrying higher resolution specifications bundled with high frames rates which inherently carry with them high bandwidth requirements.

This webinar will provide some insight into some of the common CMOS image sensor electrical interfaces that the industry uses and how the Forza Product Engineering team designs prototype test platforms for post tape-out activities such as characterization and wafer sort. Some lessons learned from years of first silicon bring-up experience will be shared relating to different signal interface designs.

Attendees will:

  • Become familiar with a few of the most common electrical interfaces for data output of CMOS image sensors. These slides will focus on digital output data rather than sensors who have an analog output that needs to be converted by an off chip ADC.
  • Get a glimpse of how a Forza Product Engineer plans a prototype system for various types of electrical interfaces and CMOS image sensor data bandwidths.
  • See what steps can be taken to help reduce first silicon bring-up times and cutting down on debug loops that may cause bring-up to stretch for weeks.

Nguyen Tran leads the Forza Product Engineering team which is responsible for all post tape-out activities. This includes creating test electronics for product validation and wafer sort, characterization, product qualification and yield enhancement. Nguyen has been with Forza since 2010 starting as a Characterization Engineer, becoming a Digital Design Engineer and eventually Product Engineering Manager.