Component Testing

Automotive Component Testing with High-Speed Digital Video

Over the past 50 years, the global automobile industry has dramatically improved car safety. An 80% reduction in highway deaths has been achieved, thanks to strong legislation and a highly competitive industry.

Crash Testing

Automotive Crash Test Analysis Using High-Speed Digital Video

Today’s automobiles are dramatically safer than vehicles built 50 years ago. A long list of new highway design and vehicle requirements in combination with competitive innovation and drive has created a modern fleet of vehicles with a remarkable safety trend.

Airbag Testing

Automotive Airbag Testing with High-Speed Digital Video

One of the most significant advancements in automotive safety has been the development of the airbag safety restraint system. Its purpose is to cushion and protect vehicle occupants during a crash from impacting with other interior objects, such as the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, side windows and pillars.

Back-Up Camera

Automotive Backup Cameras with High Dynamic Range

One of the major challenges for camera designers is dealing with the very large dynamic range to which the camera is exposed—from bright sunshine to night darkness. The camera must give a full representation of the scene behind the vehicle to the operator regardless of lighting conditions.

Automotive Seating Safety

High-Speed Video for Automotive Seating Development

Seats were simple, bench-like affairs that offered modest support and poor positioning. As the push for greater automotive occupant safety took form in the 1960’s, the importance of seating in the overall safety equation became clearer.