Career Opportunities

Senior Member
of Technical Staff

This position will plan, direct, and manage the participation, research and development; designing, layout, and characterization of analog…

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Senior Mixed-Signal
Design Engineer

This position will report to the CTO and assume engineering responsibility to plan, manage, and oversee detailed circuit analysis involving…

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Senior Hardware
Test Engineer

This position will report to the CTO and assume responsibility for test design and implementation of all aspects of electronics required to test complex imaging systems…

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Senior Software Engineer

This position will collaborate with hardware developers and focus on code, test, and troubleshoot programs. It will involve prototype definition and improvement…

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Member of Technical Staff (2 Positions Available)

The duties of Member of Technical Staff involve participation and contribution to chip design solutions by completing all…

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ASIC Electrical Engineer – Digital Design

This position will be responsible for developing advanced digital circuits integrated within state-of-the-art image…

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Entry Level ECAD Technician

This position will provide ECAD specific technical support for Linux workstations running a variety of Chip Design tools…

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