High-Speed Image Sensors for Sports Analysis

One of the many specialized uses for high-speed video, or what is often called slow-motion video, is for the analysis of athlete performance. Today’s amateurs and professionals are always seeking the edge over their competitors, so finding and correcting any shortcomings in performance is a high priority. Read more

Medical Endoscopy Using CMOS Image Sensors

Endoscopy is a medical procedure in which the physician looks inside a patient’s body using an instrument called an endoscope. The technique has been around for more than a century, and is aimed at reaching places in the body where otherwise dangerous major surgery would be required. Read more

Ultra-High Resolution CMOS Focal Plane Arrays for ISR Cameras

A fundamental requirement for all military organizations is Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, or ISR. Many capabilities are included in ISR, although the most important ISR tool historically has been high-resolution imagery of the military facilities of potential adversaries. Read more

High-Resolution Camera for Traffic Surveillance

Automatic traffic intersection management is done by computer-controlled systems—Traffic Management Systems (TMS)—that sense the presence of vehicles to maximize traffic flow and safety. For decades, TMS has used an inductive sensor buried in the pavement at intersections to detect vehicle presence. Read more

CMOS Image Sensors for Security and Surveillance Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) Cameras

The use of video cameras as the key element of security and surveillance systems continues to increase globally as a means to curtail crime. Typically, multiple surveillance cameras feed a central security location where cameras are monitored, either by humans or more often, by computers with detection algorithms. Read more

CMOS Image Sensors for High-Speed Motion Analysis

From the movement of a shuttle in a knitting machine to the deformation of a crashing vehicle to a bird-ingestion test of a jet engine, the ability to see events unfold in “slow-motion” has proven to be invaluable in engineering and process development as well as research. Read more

Custom CMOS Image Sensors for Machine Vision Camera

Machine Vision (MV) can be described as methods for providing automated analysis, inspection and process control using imaging systems as the primary sensing input. Material handling, sorting, guidance of robots and optical measurement are all tasks that fall under machine vision. Read more

High Resolution (HD) CMOS Image Sensors for Cinema Cameras

Hollywood and the global cinema industry have extracted amazing capabilities from film. However in the 1990s, the industry began a migration to digital cinema for the majority of “filming”, because it offered greatly expanded editing capabilities and lower costs. Read more

High Definition (HD) CMOS Image Sensors for Broadcast Cameras

American NTSC analog television and various derivative systems served the globe for seventy years.  But in June of 2009, analog television broadcasting ended in the United States. After a decade of rollout and advancement, digital High-Definition television (HDTV) is nearly complete. Read more

Automotive Component Testing with High-Speed Digital Video

Over the past 50 years, the global automobile industry has dramatically improved car safety. An 80% reduction in highway deaths has been achieved, thanks to strong legislation and a highly competitive industry. Read more