CMOS Integration of Capacitive, Optical, and Electrical Interconnects

We present a 90 nm test chip integrating proximity communication, optics using external lasers and photodiodes, and CML electronics on a single CMOS chip which can route data at multi-Gb/s rates through any combination of its three interconnect interfaces. Read more

Optical Transceiver Chips Based on Co-Integration of Capacitively Coupled Proximity Interconnects and VCSELs

Combining the strengths of both proximity communication and optical communication, a new hybrid input–output (I/O) platform delivers on-chip bandwidth off-chip and over distance. We demonstrate, for the first time, a four-channel hybrid I/O interface by integrating proximity communication and vertical-cavity surface-emitting-laser-based parallel optical interconnects on the same commercial 90-nm complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor platform. Read more