1. Can I buy the sensors listed on your website?

Most of the designs listed on our website are examples of our custom design capability. Most of these designs are customer-owned and cannot be sold as an off-the-shelf-solution.

2. Do you have any off-the-shelf (OTS) image sensors available for purchase?

Forza’s main business model is custom image sensor design. We do not (in general) have standard, off-the-shelf components or sensors for sale. However, there are some exceptions where Forza has either internally funded a design or has agreements in place with our customers to separately market or sell certain sensor designs.



High Frame Rate CMOS Image Sensor

3. Can you do a full image sensor design and hand over for production?

Yes, Forza has two main models: 1) Forza handles “Turnkey Production” for our customers with some combination of in-house and third party vendors 2) Transition production activities to our customer with mutually agreed set of responsibilities before, during and after the transition period.

For more information on our design and production services, click Forza’s Custom IC Design & Integrated Production Services.

4. How long is the process for a custom image sensor design project?

Typical timelines are about 9-12 months to a validated engineering prototype and additional 6-9 months for a full-qualified production-ready design. Schedules will vary depending on the final sensor specifications that your application requires.

5. How much does it cost for a custom image sensor design?

Costs could vary depending on the final sensor specifications that your application requires.

6. What is the process for a custom sensor design project from conception to reality?

Forza’s Custom IC Design & Integrated Production Services offer a complete end-to-end solution from CMOS Image Sensor and Mixed-Signal IC designs to the delivery of reliable production parts. Click here for more information on our custom design process and services.

7. What Fab Houses (Foundries) have you worked with?

As an approved design center for leading semiconductor foundries, we work with state-of-the-art design tools and proven foundry processes to deliver advanced imaging solutions. For more information, click Foundry Partners & Processes.

8. Can I get the datasheet for a sensor listed on your website?

Since most of the designs listed on our website are customer-owned, we do not provide datasheets which will contain customer sensitive information.

9. I’m a university graduate student working an imaging project; does Forza have any sensor samples from previous jobs/clients for sale that I could use for my assignment?

Most of our customer image sensor designs are customer-owned and therefore cannot be sold/provided as samples for university projects.

10. I’m interested in the Forza 100+MP Camera Platform. Is it available for sale?

We are currently looking for development partners with interest in building a product/system around our 100+MP sensor. The electronics platform is not available for sale and meant to be an evaluation vehicle (much like developers use for evaluating new FPGA technology). Forza’s business model for the 100+MP platform is to enable our partners/customers to build systems such that Forza can supply sensors for the end product.

11. Does Forza develop/manufacture cameras?

While Forza does not typically manufacture production cameras, we do have a dedicated team with expertise in camera prototyping. These services include hardware, firmware and software design. Forza regularly performs reference designs, often in a non form-factor camera configuration, that can be handed-off to our customers to facilitate their product development.