Founded in 2001, Forza solves complex IC design problems

Forza Silicon developed the PTC ImageJ plugin to quickly analyze and plot the Photon Transfer Curve of a set of images. We’ve found it useful to:

  • cross-check and validate other characterization results
  • give quick, initial estimates of the pixel performance
  • highlight non-linearity problems
ImageJ is a freeware image viewing and analysis software package distributed by the NIH. Download ImageJ from the website. ImageJ is Java based, open source, runs on many platforms, and can be easily extended to perform additional analysis beyond what is included in the base package. These extensions are called “plugins”.

The Photon Transfer Curve, or PTC, is a useful tool for analyzing the performance of image sensors. This plugin computes the PTC, and gives a graphical plot from which the conversion gain and read noise can be fit to the PTC curve. Inspiration for this plugin came from a course taught by Dr. Albert Theuwissen on CMOS image sensor characterization. (

Click the download button below to access the plugin and user manual.